Innocent confessions of a teaholic

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You may judge me but yea this is going to be my first official blog. Few words to describe my love and one major part of my personality, TEA. People who know me, knows this well about me and I am sure people who love tea will relate to this very well.

If I am sleepy, tea wakes me up; if I am too restless, tea calms me down;

If I am lonely, tea is my company; if I am with friends, tea is all excitement;

If I am cold, tea warms me; if am heated, tea cools me;

If I need to start something, tea energizes me; if I finish something, tea relaxes me;

If I am overwhelmed, tea gets me at peace and If am bored, tea makes me overwhelmed;

I need tea to talk over, I need tea to cry over;

I need tea to be happy over, I need tea to live over;

Tea is me and I am tea; OMG! What the hell has happened to me. LOL

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