The power of now-a theory or just a concept-Part 1

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Yesterday, two of my friends were discussing about ‘Power of now’. While one friend was insisting that living in ‘the now’ is a proven theory while other friend was not supporting the same. Responses by both of my friends were more of situational and I guess that is what it is for all of us. While my first friend, similar to me obsesses a lot about future, in which case the relief is somebody telling us not to worry much about the future and live in the moment especially when things are really not turning out as we had planned or thought. While my other friend is the one who has been mostly carefree, already enjoying moments as they come and let life unfolds itself, but she on the other hand is going through some extremely rough situations these days, emotionally, physically and professionally. So what she is seeking is somebody to tell her things will work out, to keep her hopes on the future and that things will fall in place eventually. For her focusing too much on ‘the now’ when things are really not bright will really not help her. In fact it may make her feel more disturbed.

Honestly, I have not read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle published in 90s which is actually was New york times bestseller. But as much I have understood the book basic insistence is that by thinking about future and assuming that by planning we will have control about the future is just an illusion and so is multi tasking. While I agree completely on multi-tasking thing, which I have explained in a separate blog but for the power of now theory, I think we all need to a find a balance. Theoretically the concept is fascinating, but realistically the mass is following or rather obsessing about the future. Future planning, retirement planning, planning for kids and blah blah is consuming our brains. Having said that, in my opinion as much finding a control on ourselves and not over worry about future is important, not having future thoughts or not thinking about future at all can be disastrous too. I think what is important here is thinking about the future more optimistically,  believing that things will sort out if you keep working or moving in a positive way and doing what is required to be done on a daily basic with the positive belief in future. I am actually trying to find my balance too. These days I am in extreme tight financial situation and so yes I have been thinking and planning.  I know that after settling all my bills, I will be left for hardly $5 to spend for each day for next whole month. How to do that? I need to see too.  To be honest, I could not have figured out this if I had not thought about it.  At the same time worrying how to survive next 30 days in exactly 150$ is of no use for me. I just have to pass each day :). One day at a time. That’s the trick of finding a balance and draw the line between over-thinking and not thinking at all.


Why I have called this blog as part 1 for power of now because I want to read more and research more on the topic and want to come back with more insights. Till then..Love A







4 Replies to “The power of now-a theory or just a concept-Part 1”

  1. ‘For her focusing too much on ‘the now’ when things are really not bright will really not help her.’ – I don’t think so. Bcz she have to deal with whatever is happening. Anyway. So better now than never. And there’s a great chapter about HOW to do that…in the book *Power Of Now* :))

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    1. At times one really cannot help the situation and dealing with it means simply having patience and let the storm pass with the hope that it will pass. That is where the balance of bigger and smaller picture lies. The book is definiteltly on my list 😊🤗

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