Every time I sit in the plane, I feel the adrenaline rush in my body. May be its fear or excitement, it is difficult to distinguish as they say both are same for me.

The best part of the plane journey is the view from that oval mirror. I am not sure if the shape is exactly oval but this does not matter. During the journey, I generally occupy myself with reading or sometimes I fell asleep only to wake up and see

Those glistening morning rays like sweet kisses on the cheek of earth 20171130_055734-EFFECTS-EFFECTS

or sun finally closing its eyes in the lap of the desert for night to emerge


Those rainy good byes before you take off from a holiday



and the excitement of capturing bustling city lights before you reach for your dream holiday

20180804_173739 Or simply for the joy of reuniting with your family

Do you remember the stories of fairies and you imagine their world beyond the clouds?20180804_191936

Or do you feel lost in the middle in between the mist?


Then the relief when the mist gently fades away


you feel the thrill in your nerves for the vastness of sea

20171202_08485720171130_082717or the stories that you have wondered during the flight

and then you hear, “Mam, please straighten your seat, we are about to reach. ”

From the oval eye, how much you have seen?

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