It looks like a snow storm, I can’t see anything clearly. It had been snowing but I knew my way. I think the storm drifted my truck from the main road. It is so white, I can’t see anything beyond white snow covered mountains and all snow around me.

I am stuck in the middle of no where, what am I supposed to do.  I don’t think I can reach out to anyone or anyone can reach out to me.


Okay, relax. Look around, see how beautiful it is. You have never witnessed snow storm before. Such beautiful snow covered white mountains. Take a picture for your Instagram at least. Yea, let me take a picture.

What is it? The picture I just took does not show a sign of snow. It is warm, bright sunlight, blooming flowers, mountain. What I am seeing and what the picture is? Why is it so different?

Flowers-In-The-Mountains-Best-Wallpaper (1)

Anyway, let me not waste time. The storm seems to have reduced, I shall reverse to find my way.  Am back on track.


I reached. What is this place? The kids are playing, people talking. Such a happy, lively town. Shall I tell them that I saw so much snow in between not far from here, that there was a huge snow storm and everything was covered with snow? They might not believe.

I feel cold. Its just 4 Am, the dreamer switches off the AC and goes back to sleep.


Written for #fowc



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