“Whatever, it’s fine. I don’t have any regrets”.

Does this sound familiar?

Yes, I have heard a lot of people saying that and for a long time this very sentence kept me inspired also, of course untill I realized the trend of my life. I made decisions for my life, I chose what to do and I failed miserably at times (if not at all) and then I moved on,  to the next mistake. Why? yea right, because I did’t think it is important to regret.

It is important to reflect on your decisions, choices you made and at times regret too if necessary. But I simply moved on, sometimes quite fast even before I could think and regret.  What happened then?, I simply repeated the trend.

I would not say that keeping regrets or blaming yourself is a good way of dealing with issues or consequences and that is definitely not the idea of this blog. But having some regrets are healthy to focus, to think, to reflect on the trend in your life and most importantly to repent. You can’t repent something unless you regret it.

So have some regrets, reflect on your life,  forgive yourself and apologize to others. Stop repeating the trend of mistakes and bad choices.

Don’t just move on, get wise.



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