One day in Dead Sea and Hot Spring

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Dead is the most important attraction for anyone travelling to Jordan.  In this blog, I am going to write about our trip to dead sea and Ma’in hot springs in one day, self-driving from Amman. Unless you are actually suffering from any skin ailment or on a relaxed holiday trip, I think one day is enough to visit both Dead sea and Ma’in hot springs.

We started after breakfast around 10 AM from Amman center (City Rose Hotel Suites) and on the way stopped on a super market for buying towels and exchange money. So let’s say, we started effectively around 10.30 AM. As per the google map, distance from Amman centre to dead sea is 60 Kms and Ma’in hot spring is almost 63 kms.

We decided to visit Ma’in hot spring first and Dead sea later, which actually proved to be a wrong decision. Why? You will know.

We visited Jordan in winters, or rather in extreme winters. As per the reviews of the dead sea public beaches, it was recommended to visit dead sea through any dead sea beach resort by paying some amount. So we reserved Dead sea spa hotel at 25 JD (Jordanian Dinar) per person. Towels and lockers were extra which we decided not to take. So as we assumed since we had already booked a hotel beach access to dead sea who were giving us bathroom access, it will be better if we visit dead sea later and have a proper bath before ending our trip. BUT we were terribly wrong.

The distance between Amman and Hot springs is 63 Kms. However, the route is little confusing, it takes you from countryside and sometimes shows lost routes. In such case, wait and follow some clear path till it re-routes. Mostly, can easily reach your destination following google maps. The mountain drive is extremely irresistible. So you will stop in between to take some pictures. Add 15 minutes for that.

Please follow my Instagram account Travelblogfashion for the pictures and videos of our Jordan trip.

We reached Hot springs around 12 AM. They asked us at the gate if we are GCC country resident (Gulf Cooperation Council). Since we are Dubai residents, we got some discount in our tickets.

The ma’in hot spring can be accessed by both males and females, however, they have made separate section especially for ladies who wants private access. Both have caretaker and cleaners. There is Ma’in hot spring resort too, which I assume have different access. Not sure about that. Hot springs were a relief in the chilly rainy afternoon. We stayed there for an hour, took bath, changed our clothes, had tea from the small cafeteria there and started for dead sea.

In almost half an hour, we reached Dead Sea Spa hotel. We paid the money at the counter and were informed that if we want the locker, we can pay at the locker room. Firstly, there was no proper marking to where the locker room and bathroom was. We had to ask few people and finally one of us found it. Hurray!!

But to our disappointment, locker room was open and there was no one in the locker room to ask about anything. Anyway, we decided to go the adjoining bathroom and change into swim suit but before that we wanted to go to washroom. Okay, here comes the real disappointment. The bathrooms are very badly managed. They were dirty and stinky with no one around to clean whatsoever. Caution: Washrooms does not have water either. We changed into our swimsuit and headed to dead sea which is almost 500m (half a kilometre) from there.

So the important thing is even though the access of the dead sea is connected through the resort, the beach access is not the hotel property which is made clear with a notice board stating “Hotel Property ends here” after a walk of 100-200 metres.

We kept walking and as we walked, we were astonished to see boards stating “Dead sea was here in so and so year” with actual year. Now I am regretting not taking those pictures, but in my defence I didn’t carry my camera or mobile in the dead sea. As we reached dead sea, there was so much rubble on the beach. Since it’s not hotel property, I guess they do not clean it also. Fair enough. But no justification for not cleaning the bathrooms.

Anyway, it was damn cold but somehow we stepped inside the water. Once you are inside, you won’t feel much cold and you will be surprised as how you float. But do not by any mistake take water in mouth, you will regret it for next few hours ;). On the beach they accumulate mud which you can put on your body (not recommended for face for more than 10 minutes and for body 15 minutes). I and also fill it if you want to take some mud back home.

The most horrific part was taking shower in the cold. Water is extremely cold at the beach but you have no other option since there is no other shower. Oh wait, this was the second most horrific part, the most horrific part was walking wet from beach till hotel bath room (there is no changing room at the beach).

So by the time we reached bathroom, we were freezed to death. We somehow changed, dried ourselves, had a cup of coffee at the hotel restaurant (or else we may have really freezed) and back to our car heater.  All and all, it was a good trip but I think dead sea should be better managed. Especially through hotel access when you are paying for it. We did not visit public beach but most of things mentioned about the public beach of dead sea, we faced through private access too. So 25JD (35 dollars) does not really paid off.  May be we visited in winters, but it’s still not well managed. May be other resorts are. Can’t say about that.

I will list down the things you need for your dead sea trip especially for 1-day trip and what you need to ensure before you take hotel beach access.

Must haves before Dead sea visit

  1. Big sized towels. I would recommend two towels per person. You won’t be able to wash away complete mud and some mud you have to wipe. One towel will be used in that, another to dry yourself out.
  2. Bags to keep dirty clothes. Mud is really messy. Please keep big laundry bags to keep your dirty clothes so you don’t end up messing your clean clothes.
  3. Your hair is going to be rough, extremely rough. You would need to shampoo immediately as you are back to hotel or wherever you are staying. My worst case: I had to pick night flight back to Dubai, so I had to wait almost a day for washing my hair.
  4. Big wide tooth comb at least (Thank God, I had that)
  5. Wide top jars for taking mud. Mud is really hard, heavy and thick. Filling in bottles is extremely difficult, so please take wide jars or boxes, something like hair mask jar would be great.
  6. Pair of slippers. Not only for walking but the rubble on the beaches may make it very hard for you to reach till sea.

What to check before you book dead sea access from resort or hotel

  1. Ask if they have proper locker room and if someone is there for your assistance
  2. Ask if they have proper bathing facility in bathrooms or is it just a changing room?
  3. Ask if they have changing room at the beach (if yes, it is a bonus)

If you are staying overnight in any of the dead sea resort, you definitely do not have to bother about all this but if you plan to visit for few hours, you may have to consider above.

As far as Ma’in hot springs is concerned, you don’t need any much of the preparation except your swim suit for which also they have a shop there although little expensive. In Summers, you would need cold water bottle

Heal and have a great trip to Dead Sea and Ma’in Hot springs. Jordan is beautiful.



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