Tokyo-How will you define Tokyo? One of the most expensive city, or the city with the most advanced and extensive railways, or city with the busiest crossing of the world?

I want to remember it as a pink city that looks like a fairy-tale town during spring with  thousands of cherry blossom trees blooming in the parks, across streets, besides skyscrapers, alongside shrines and in the front yards of houses.

Cherry blossom is a flower that grows on several trees in Asia and other countries such as US, UK, Canada but nowhere its blooming is cherished and celebrated as in Japan. Japanese calls it Sakura. Every Sakura Japanese people gather with their families and friends and enjoy feasting beneath those glorious pink and white awnings, called as Hanami ceremony.

Cherry blossom trees can be of different colours from pure white to the multiple shades of pink and are purely edible. There are many varieties of products from cookies, cakes, Ice creams to Sakura teas.

The history of Cherry blossom in Japan goes back to centuries symbolising beauty, transience of life but also a new beginning.

The Spring time particularly for Sakura is a very brief time, two to three weeks. It reaches its full bloom within 2 weeks and soon after it starts to fall to the ground which is also a glory in its own. Imagine yourself standing beneath those magnificent pink flowers and the wind making beautiful petals fall on you. What an ecstatic sight to behold. Falling petals particularly make a spectacle in water when your boat floats on the bed of magnificent pink clouds. Heavenly, isn’t it?

Cherry blossom is a short lived but the most celebrated and most glorious season.  May be the reason it is so well celebrated is because it has a short life like other rare things in life. Everything rare is precious, embraced and enjoyed, from rare stones to true love. Not to forget the human existence itself. Cherry blossom is a reminder of the fragility and brevity of everything rare.

A beautiful reminder to enjoy the glory of rarity and then let it go with the hope of seeing it again, there will always be a new spring and a new blossom.

Stay tuned for more blogs on Japan and Cherry Blossom

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