She has done her homework, researched about it – possible side effects, precautions, dangers etc. She had thought it through and made an informed decision.

Still, since she got up this morning, she has been feeling nausea-tic and restless. She has not told anyone at home about this. She didn’t want anyone to give their opinion from her opinionated family. It was her decision and she wanted to do it.

She finished her breakfast as per the diet provided in the instructions booklet, got dressed in a loose fit white dress, took her purse, car keys and stepped out of the house. Clinic is exactly 30 minutes drive from her house, she didn’t put on any music..she just wanted everything to be quite for these 30 minutes.

When she reached the clinic it was exactly 10.50 in the morning. Her appointment was at 11. She parked the car allotted for the clinic visitors and head out to the main reception. Receptionist was already waiting for her, she reconfirmed, Ms Aisha and handed over a form to her with some other already signed forms. This form was to re-confirm that Ayesha had already read, understood and taken time to reconsider her decision and finally decided to go ahead with the experience. Experience? What are we talking about here?

It has been few months that Deja vu shot is launched in her country and only three years that it has come into existence. The figure of people who have tried it have not yet crossed thousands. But whoever has done it once, has done it at least three to four times. Some of the side effects have been in the news. Feeling of confusion, mild to severe headaches, hypertension, dizziness, lightheaded-ness, insomnia to name a few. There has been researches, some people claiming the ‘experience’ to cause depression and other claiming it helping people with depression.

The major side effect is brain death or comma especially when the person brain realizes the unreality of the experience being in there and remembers that it’s just the Deja-vu shot effect. The impact on brain will be huge, your brain might not be able to take the pressure to remember two realities. One reality will fail. If you are lucky, the other reality will fail and throw you back to the present but it also depends on how much you want to be there. If you still decide to be there for more than 15 seconds as per present time, you may stuck there forever, just with one day in your mind. Re-living it again and again and again. In present, you will just be sleeping, unaware of anything.

So far, there has not been any such case heard. Government regulations have been stringent. People with any kind of mental health or psychological issues cannot take this shot. One is required to follow a very strict diet for a week to train your body and mind  to control, emotion and hunger control.

This make sense since people wanting to experience past are hungry too, hungry for past, clinging to the hazy memories.

Nonetheless, before 1 week of the treatment, clinic has to provide a list of all possible side effects/dangers to the person, make them sign all the letters and give a copy to them to read again. On the day, they are again made to sign to reconfirm their decision. However, any change in decision will let the clinic forfeit 50% of the advance paid. The advance has already been used in making the shot as per person’s requirement and it cannot be used for any one else.

Aisha was ready for it. She has been thinking about it for long. She wanted to go back and relive that one day again. She knew while re-experiencing the past, she wouldn’t remember that she is re-living it except the slight feeling of deja-vu, the weird feeling that things are repeating itself, nothing else. She cannot alter any thing , nothing can be said more, nothing can be unsaid, she is not there physically.

The Deja-vu shot thoroughly search all the brain cells, takes you the particular day  (which you have chosen) memory of your subconscious mind and expand it. It brings that day into present or sends you back to that day in your mind, whatever you call it. You just relive it, experience each part of it again. Feel it again. Nothing is forgotten by our subconscious mind but till now it was impossible for a normal mind to go back and remember each memory of a particular day. The exact experience is of 24 hours for your mind so you can re-live one full day but in present each hour is 60 seconds, so you should be back on exact 25th minute.

Aisha is now lying on the bed with white sheets, there are white curtains and white bright light in the room. For some weird reason, she is not nervous anymore. She is excited. She is excited to go in the past..

The doctor comes in, Aisha, how are you feeling?

Aisha: I was nervous but now I am excited.

Doctor: Good, your blood pressure is normal so we are going ahead with this. Remember when you are back in that day, you will have the deja-vu feeling but you won’t remember that you are really re-living the day. However, when you are back, you will remember, everything very clearly.  Ready?

Aisha: yes

Nurse hands over the Deja-vu shot to the doctor, doctor rubbed Aisha’s hand and injected her.

Aisha saw the doctor taking out the injection and handing it over to the nurse. She could see them going out. Why have they increased the lights so much in the room…it has become all white…






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