Traffic has been bad since last two days, not sure what’s going on. Traffic has always been a week point for Aisha. She hates the idea of holding the steering, still not in control. But today, she doesn’t show a hint of frustration, she is calm, freezed, she is staring straight on the road looking at god knows what.

It has been a week since the deja vu experience. As per doctor Aisha is really lucky to not have any side effects, apparently. Her blood pressure, pulse everything was completely normal, which was tested as part of the normal procedure after the deja vu experience.

Everything has been fine, except the fact that she is not back yet. Not completely. She left a part of her there, in search of which she went.

There has not been a single night when she has not dreamed about the deja vu experience, with certain twists of course, the waggery of the brain.

Ashi, Ashi…Ashi get up, we are late..Becca poked Aisha in her last attempt to wake her up.  Aisha has always been a deep sleeper and big dreamer.

It’s already 7, we are again to miss school bus. Why can’t you get up on time? Becca sounded worried.  If we miss school bus again we gonna have to take public bus and buy ticket with our pocket money and Aria’s ticket too. We missed bus so many times this month.

Who could say that Becca was actually younger to Aisha? Becca always had a dominating personality yet she wouldn’t leave Aisha ever. Aisha as always knew how to give a dead ear to her sister.

Aisha saw the clock hanging on the living room wall as she was stepping out with her sisters, it was 7.25 AM. She repeated the time in her mind, 7.25 Am, 7.25. Seems like she has been at this time before, on this VERY particular day.

Now you are going to stay there or walk. We have only 5 minutes to reach bus stop, Becca in her more than usual high tone,called Aisha

You know why I got late, Aisha tried to explain herself to Becca and Aria

Aria: Because you love to sleep

Becca smiled on Aria’s innocent but true response

Aisha: Yes, but not only that. I had a dream, but I can’t remember it. I was circling in my mind. There were so many pictures popping up and back

Becca: What are you talking about? What exactly did you see? What pictures?

Aisha: I don’t remember it was like my brain was trying to find something. Before I heard you shouting

Becca: So I helped you find it. It was today, Monday, the 27th October, year 2004.  5th time in this month and 2nd time in this week that we missed school bus

Aisha felt a sudden feeling as if she has heard these exact words before. As if this whole scenario is repeating itself again. This was weird. She knew this feeling

Just then they heard the bus engine stopping

Aisha and Becca helped Aria to board the bus first

Aisha glanced around the bus, there was no empty seat. Aisha suddenly felt guilt for Becca and Aria

Aisha: Sorry you two, because of me you also missed school bus

Becca: It’s ok.  Anyway, I hate school bus. Now till class, I can avoid listening to rosy’s blabbering about the gifts her father got for her

Aria: Me too. Both of you sit with your friends in the bus, you leave me alone

Becca: We don’t leave you alone Aria, but you need to make friends of your age

Aisha: Yes Aria, We can’t be with you all the time. In few years, Becca will also be in senior school like me, we can’t be with you all the time. You need to start making friends

What happened to that girl, Cathy? She used to play with you right? Becca asked

Cathy!! She is Aria’s friend. Aisha knows her. She has seen her. She has seen Aria playing with Cathy few times. But when Becca mentioned her, Aisha can’t remember Cathy’s face. Aisha tried hard to remember but she couldn’t.  She tried more, she actually cannot remember anyone’s face from her school bus. This is weird, extremely weird. What is wrong with her?

Aria: She does not talk to me anymore. She said I am weird. I don’t like her,  I don’t like anyone. I just like you you two. 7 year old Aria was too comfortable being with her sisters. She didn’t want any friends yet.

Please don’t leave me, Aria whispered with tears in her autumn gold eyes on her little snow white face. Her face turned pale with the fear.  Becca and Aisha hugged Aria, “we are never going to leave you alone.”

Aisha felt the hug. This has happened before. Of course, I have hugged Aria before but never in bus like this. It seems I have hugged her exactly like this in this bus while speaking the same sentence. I am having deja vu. Aisha confirmed in her mind

She might have had this feeling before too. But this time it’s so different, it feels so real

Aisha heart started beating very fast. Something is coming, something is about to happen. Is it Intuition?Intuition of what?

This was the moment, this is the moment. She held Becca and Aria and turned them away from the bus gate. She had to protect them. She faced the gate. What was she doing? She didn’t know.

There was a loud shrieking sound. Bus took a sharp right turn, Aisha could hear the sound of bus sliding on the leaves. The roads have been wet. Driver tried hard to break but could not hold the bus.

She could hear everyone scream

That’s when she saw him. Tall figure, pale white face, golden hair, she saw his face. Amber eyes similar to Aria’s. Eyes that shined, looked straight into hers. Eyes that Aisha will never forget.









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